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Behind the Beautiful Rebrand

Why the rebrand? We’ve gone through quite a bit of changes over these last five years and it felt like it was beyond time for updated branding to match my heart, my passions, my business, this new chapter in life – & I’m in love with all of the changes!

Maybe you’re new here, or maybe you’ve have been around for a while, I want to welcome you to my little corner of the internet where I love to share about my fascination with food, adventure, motherhood, running an online business, and living a (somewhat!) healthy-“ish”, more holistic-“ish” life.

Five years ago everything changed for me and my family simply – and/or bravely depending on how you look at it – all because I said YES— yes to a more natural, low tox lifestyle and yes to starting my own business. It’s been an ever-evolving journey of knowing better and doing better – both personally and professionally.

I now have a huge passion for low tox living and helping others make the same simple changes in their lives. I am a firm believer in being proactive with our health. I absolutely LOVE these products, this business, and want to share it with anyone who feels that little bit of restlessness…. that simply means you’re looking for something more.

Whether you’re ready to create a more low tox life, to learn more about natural wellness, to start a new business, successfully grow your business on Instagram, or a combination of all of the above: you’re in the right place and I’m so happy you’re here with me!

ready to try the low tox oily lifestyle?
ready to start your own biz? or both?

With a grateful heart always…

xx, monie

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