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4 Posts to Increase Instagram Shares

Here’s an Instagram tip for you… You might be wondering: “Why is it important for me to want people to share my posts on Instagram?” Let’s think about that for a second… 🤔💡 It’s FREE advertising! Someone sharing your work allows for more eyes to see your content. It introduces you to THIER audience, which can hopefully cause a ripple effect by sending more and more people to you. We want that. Lot”s of that!

So, let me ask again… What should you post in order to encourage your audience to start sharing your content?

By now you know the drill. You need to be creating valuable content that serves your audience.

How do you know the content you’re creating is valuable? You regularly check your insights.

What do your insights tell you? They tell you how many likes, comments, saves, shares (or actions) your audience has taken on your posts. If your insights show you a high number of comments, saves, or shares, than you are creating the content your audience is craving. You’re doing it right. Do more of that.

Sometimes your audience inherently knows how interact with your posts, but sometimes you need to guide them with a CTA to encourage them to take a specific desired action.

Before you get to the CTA though, you’ll need to create content they’ll want to take action on, right?!? 🤔💡

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What to Post to Instagram to Encourage Sharing

Example 1: a relatable or funny memes

Example 2: breaking news/updates

Example 3: trending information

Example 4: motivational content/quotes

When you hear a relatable/funny story or some juicy, controversial, trending information, you share it with your friends, right? Sharing content on Instagram is equivalent to sharing what you’ve heard IRL.

Keep this in mind when creating valuable content for your ideal audience.

Save this post for later and create content with intention! (😉 see that CTA right there… save it!)

And…. Don’t forget to pin this post!

xx, monie

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